on to the next project

surprisingly nice weather, and the ground
dried out enough i could finish up the last
few gardens that needed seasonal debris buried.
then once i finished that i could start in on
a project i wasn't really expecting to get to
until next spring or summer. the north east
garden needs some digging to get weeds out of
there (thistles, garlic, grasses, other weeds)
and other work to get it back into shape.
a few hours of digging a day is all i am
wanting to do now. trying to keep my shoulder
moving, but not overdo it. seems to be going ok.
the soil back there is so much nicer than it
was years ago, now several shades darker and
crumbles a lot more than it used to. i'm happy
to see plenty of worms as i'm digging. :) if
i had a good fence around it i could get a lot
of vegetables out of there. without fences it is
hit or miss depending upon which animals find it.
as it stands it is the last priority garden i
work on because it lacks protection and there are
plenty of other gardens to keep me busy. i still
like it because it lets me try different cover
crops and see how they go and which the animals
seem to like and it is also a good source of
nitrogen based green manure if i want to harvest
it and add it to the other gardens.
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