Natural Antivirals

Some interesting information on some garden goodies that may help against viral infections and may be important given the, uh, outbreak of swine flu. Note the age group that is dying. Similar to the 1918 outbreak. It is the supposedly healthiest group of the population.
from wiki, plenty of info available elsewhere also:
"It is believed that cytokine storms were responsible for many of the deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic, which killed a disproportionate number of young adults.[1] In this case, a healthy immune system may have been a liability rather than an asset. Preliminary research results from Hong Kong also indicated this as the probable reason for many deaths during the SARS epidemic in 2003.[citation needed] Human deaths from the bird flu H5N1 usually involve cytokine storms as well.[citation needed] Recent reports of high mortality among healthy young adults in the 2009 swine flu outbreak point to cytokine storms as being responsible for these deaths.[4]"
Just thinking... and glad I already use many of these regularly for other issues.
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