In the garden

Picked five more zukes this morning, one of which was huge, had another huge one on the counter so I shredded both. Ended up with eight cups of shredded zucchini in vacuum bags. Good for zucchini bread or fritters or casseroles. Goes good with the many other bags we've gotten this past month.
The other four we picked will go to Miz Anne's church prayer group plus some yellow squash.
Picked some huge tomatoes but they will be turned into BLT's, burgers, etc. for the coming days, not to mention plain old lettuce, tomato, and mayo sandwiches on zucchini bread. <G>
No green beans to pick and can so far, last picking cleaned them out but the vines are blooming again. Looks like the crowder peas are putting out runners so not long before peas are ready to pick, same with the red lima beans.
Tomorrow we will cut herbs, oregano, basil, rosemary, dill weed, etc. and then dehydrate them for future use.
If it stops raining we will go out to the U pick farm nearby and pick blueberries and, very soon, blackberries. Figs and pears will be a month away for figs and two or three for pears. I'm not sure how much rain we've gotten over the last month but a foot of rain fell on Houston in one day early this week, lots of flooding in the region and a number of folks drowned or lost their home or both. We got about a foot here but not all at once, over a three-week period if I remember correctly. Thank goodness we are a few feet higher than Houston and the property was built up five feet before homes were erected. Didn't help the highways and byways though, lots of water over the roads so we stayed home mostly.
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