Picking the garden

Herself returned home yesterday from visiting relatives on the East
Coast and, early today, has picked the garden clean. Lots of tomatoes
and other veggies, mostly tomatoes and greens.
From the looks of things I will probably be canning tomatoes tomorrow
and probably pickling the last of the overgrown carrots. I couldn't pick
them myself as a bad back keeps me from bending or squatting. I don't
mind being old and wore out as it beats the heck out of being dead.
This season has been a bumper crop of most things we grow. The cukes are
starting to drop their blossoms and the green beans are just starting to
make beans. It's not like we don't still have jars of green beans and a
half gallon of dried beans for soups and just bean dinners.
I'm often amazed by how much stuff we get off 32 feet of 4 feet wide
raised beds plus the other beds along the fence line.
The kumquat tree is blooming and is a glory of white blooms. I hope this
means a large crop come fall as I'm running low on kumquat marmalade,
jelly, and chopped, frozen quats for pies and cakes. The fig tree was
cut in half by the double freeze in January but the lone half has about
a dozen figs ripening. Not enough for canning or cooking with but enough
to get a couple of hand full's of eating figs.
I've given up on the blueberries and am preparing to yank them out and
toss them or give them to someone who has a better site for them. I'm
thinking of putting in some domestic dewberries in that site. They don't
mind shade.
We're under a heavy weather forecast for the rest of the week but the
skies are still clear. We do need more rain.
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George Shirley
being an old model railroader i have always daydreamed of having a garden on rails/wheels/tracks, other than the fact that i hate being disconnected from the subsoil (which provides base nutrients and habitat for critters, etc). but wouldn't it be nice to call up your "cars" for the day and have them delivered to your weeding, watering and (best of all) harvesting station? :)
cheers and best wishes for rain, we could use some here too, it's not bone dry yet, but getting a bit dryer than i'd like with all these strawberries coming on.
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