Halloween night

Unfortunately for the trick or treater's last night was all out rain
fall. We did have several who came out in costumes with rain coats,
umbrella's and hats. Dear wife had her witch outfit on and she loves
giving out candies to the children, we stood on the front porch and
stayed dry but our gardens, trees, and lawns got a good drink of water
after somewhat of a drought this fall.
It's still dark here at 0558 so I can't see if the fruit trees, gardens,
and all else are happy today. Free water is always welcome within a
decent range of time and this one was pretty darn good.
Tilly Dawg got in a good session of barking at the trick and treater's
and then got some good petting and tall scratching last night too.
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George Shirley
I see. The rain was the wife's trick on the treaters and that's more of a Uniform than a Costume that she wore. Nice work on trying to disguise the truth!
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