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On 10/23/2015 9:29 PM, T wrote:

We don't have soil, we garden in raised beds with Mel's Mix from Square Foot Gardening. One third vermiculite, one third peat moss, one third compost, we use the "Black Cow" compost. Black Cow is composted cow manure from feedlots, so far it is pretty good. In addition we have a compost barrel that gets emptied maybe twice a year. All garden throw aways get chopped with a machete or the mower, all the grass clippings, kitchen vegetable scraps, etc. Occasionally I will sprinkle a cup of "compost booster" into the barrel to keep it ginning. Mel's Mix is basically neutral as far as my tests have shown.
We do use some commercial fertilizers but sparingly, particularly after heavy rains. So far this morning we're just getting a drizzle but the weather heads are bleating about lots of rain soon. We shall see, weather forecasting is, at best, an educated guess.

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