Flashback - turning the heap

Fifty years ago that was me, used a Farmall Cub with forks on the front,
turning a heap that had pretty much almost caught fire. People who have
machinery use it for many things that need doing.
People who grow things on a sizeable piece of land often have large
machinery. Makes it easier to do things. Back then we had a half mile
long dirt driveway and, occasionally, I had to pull the wife's vehicle
up the driveway after a heavy rain. Didn't take long to discover
where to get free dirt, sand, rocks, oyster shell, etc. and borrow a
friend's dump truck. You have to do what needs to be done with whatever
is at hand.
Nowadays I have a barrel that gets rolled around the yard every so often
to mix the compost to make it better. Makes pretty good compost too. Not
enough room on this 6500 square foot lot to get anything bigger than a
wheel barrow to haul stuff. How the mighty have fallen, or is it "How
old can we get and still move stuff." Thank goodness for a 6'5" 295 lb
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George Shirley

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