Early/Late Harvest, and Some Dumb Luck

As is unfortunately too common for me, last year the garden got
away from me in the fall. Overwhelmed, I pretty much walked away.
So this weekend I finally got to the clean-out that I should have
been doing in November. In the course of clearing the dead plant
cages, I discovered that neither the birds nor the squirrels have
any interest in the black beans (Trail of Tears).
So now I have 5 cups of unexpected beans and am web surfing baked
bean recipes.
They are *mostly* black beans. Apparently the near-by blue lake
vines wandered into the cages. So I have 1:200 or so white beans.
I'll deal. And not plant them close to each other next time.
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Drew Lawson
I like those little bonus harvests, like your unexpected beans. About a mon th after I harvested the pumpkins and winter squash, I was walking near the garden and spotted what I thought was our orange barn cat napping under a bush several yards from the end of the garden. On closer inspection, it tur ned out to be a large pumpkin that escaped notice during the earlier harves t.
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if they can't find them and they don't rot. around here it would be unusual for beans to not rot over the winter with all the rains we've had.
once in a great while i'll find a pod that has survived and the seeds didn't rot, but it is pretty rare, and it isn't any trait that is through the whole plant because other pods nearby can be rotting. just the luck of the draw/circumstances/fate or whatever you care to call it. :)
i cook beans up plain in water, no salt, no soaking, just bring them to a boil with about double the volume of water and then turn them down to a low simmer until done. stirred when i turn them down and then once every half hour. very simple. then after they're done, if i have a lot of them we drain off the liquid (Mom doesn't like it) and put them in jars and freeze them. they can then be used in other dishes or eaten plain or put into baked beans.
the problem with making beans with a lot of spices, meats and fats is that then you're asking for it being more noticeable when you toot the gas out the other end. and since what most people object to is the gas i figured out that if i eat them fairly plain and my body gets used to them usually i don't even notice or care and the digestion system does get used to them as you gradually increase them in your diet. so the other suggestion is to not just go hog wild and eat a lot of spicy beans all at once but to build up gradually by adding them to other things or having small amounts as a side dish.
my biggest test of this is hummus. i like hummus. :)
i need to get some chickpea seeds that will work for this area...
i'm happy to find beans that do well enough here in our soils/gardens/conditions. last year i found several that worked out so this coming year i have some other similar beans to try out and compare to what i have already grown.
always fun.
this coming weekend will be the seed swap so i've been busy getting samples packaged and figuring out what i want to take.
in the end i may just take everything as my collection is now small enough that it fits in some boxes i can move.
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