Dry enough to plow

Is also dry enough to start planting . Got the weeds knocked down and
the garden tilled today , and started planting with some Rutgers
tomatoes . Got too hot (and I broke my posthole digger*) so I knocked
off about noon . I did get all 8 seedlings planted and the spots for the
Roma tomatoes are marked out . In the morning while it's cool I'll get
the rest of the tomatoes planted , along with the peppers . I'll also
get as much of the direct seeded stuff in as I can before it gets too
hot and I wilt .
What does a post hole digger have to do with gardening you ask ? I
use it to dig the holes for my seedlings . Extra deep and a little on
the big side so I can partly fill the hole with a mix of dirt and rabbit
manure before I place the seedling . Them rabbit droppings is Good Shit
for the garden ! (pun intended)
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We had some fruit trees that didn't look too healthy so I dug some compost holes around their drip lines. I used the post hole digger to go down about three feet, then filled the holes with manure, grass clippings, and compos t, then topped off with soil and replaced the turf. It seems to have worked .
I once heard the comment that the fellow who invented the post hole digger probably never had to use one. I don't have any trouble using one and it's a good way to find big rocks underground.
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You have stumbled upon it's true purpose ! There are IIRC 36 posts under our house as support piers for the main beams . Every single one dug by hand . And this is rocky soil , there's a reason they call it Stone County . Ever wonder where Arkansas field stone comes from ? We grow it here instead of corn .
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And this morning I was back out there at 7:30 diggin' holes with the (repaired) post hole digger . Got the rest of the 'maters in , and the peppers , green beans , some more green onions , and the vine crops - cukes and zukes and acorn squashes . I'll be planting more stuf later , some things need the soil to be warmer than it is right now - okra for one .
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