dry bean rejects, edible

this past season being rather full of strange events meant i had a lot of malformed or partially developed beans in the pods when shelling.
the rotted ones or those that were mummies (small, shrivelled, not much to them otherwise) i tossed into the worm bins. the beans that had more meat to them or were mostly sound other than splitting or not fully closing their seed coats i set aside in a different container so i could cook them up and see if it mattered as far as taste or texture.
we cooked them up the other day and they really didn't come out all that different than the regular and more normally shaped beans.
so that has put the question to rest for me. true, they are beans i would not plant or use as display pieces, but they are also part of production. when the season has been odd or supply is short they can be a source of edible calories and they taste just fine.
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