covering up the far back strawberry patch (it was either smothering or mowing and getting a mower back there would be a chore). in trade we'll add more on to the fenced garden strawberry patch - there's plenty of space right next to it where we've been removing bergamot (it was growing on top of carpeting through the crushed limestone mulch).
another patch in the fenced garden is also being redone (it was being taken over by mint and pennyroyal). as it's a mess and time being done it's also a good time to remove a pathway and consolidate the patch with a neighboring already existing veggie garden. it's much easier for me to work in larger spaces than the small patches and a lot less space gets wasted (around edges and reclaiming the pathway).
many projects ongoing or planned as usual. we had friends give us an old garden shed which we had to haul and then take the nails from all the wood and then we're using it to cover various places and will be using the better pieces of wood for around some edges.
spent a few days cleaning inside when i found some bugs in the extra pantry space Ma uses to store her baking supplies. ended up tracking it back to some bags of grain i had stored here in my room. good rainy day projects. only a few vagrant beetles showing up now (luckily they don't fly and they don't bite and they don't eat everything). sawtoothed grain beetles. very small too or i'd have noticed them much earlier. the grain is now out back feeding the birds and my room is cleaned up a month earlier than i was planning.
between family events and these impromptu projects i'm not quite as far ahead on the weeding as i need to be but i'm almost done with the last really tough spot and will be able to get the rest of it done this week... i hope...
weather is supposed to be fairly warm and humid so i'll be taking it easy out there. sitting on a pillow in a garden and not moving too fast. :) as this patch is right next to the butterfly bush i have plenty of butterflies and the hummingbirds dive bombing around.
can't complain overall, the weather has been pretty good, regular rains, and almost all veggies have done well this season. i haven't even looked at the carrots, beets or fennel yet. dry beans are starting to come in. have a volunteer lined up for when we start doing the beets. my brother likes them so much he's said he'd come down to help us clean and chop... :) :) :)
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