climbers are growing fast now

some of them are already near the top of the
fence. :)
i expected the scarlet runner beans to be the
fastest, but they are not as compared to the
greasy beans.
wax and green beans coming in now and very
lima beans filling pods and plenty of flowers.
rains and sunshine in good amounts and not
too hot for the coming week.
beets coming along, some critter found and
ate some, but hasn't been back. likely a
groundhog. hopefully the red poop effect
scared it off... :)
cucumbers, pretty much insane now... have
to pick and put them up every three to four
i should be able to get a lot more digging
done now that family events are past. north
garden is coming along, almost over the hump
and should speed up. hahahaha... i hope...
a few more weeks yet at this pace if not...
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We'd had enough black-eyed peas to have a couple of meals, so far.
Our limas are growing like weeds, too. Just now beginning to see some small pods.
I just made some refrigerator pickles. They don't last long, though. Everyone who comes to visit snacks on them.
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