acorn squash


Odd, here, there is a distinct prohibition against turning grammas into pie. I don't seem to have appreciated the striking cultural differences between the U.S., and Oz before ;O)
By Old English did you mean like From The Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Prologue
Heere folwen the wordes bitwene the Hoost and the Millere Whan that the Knyght had thus his tale ytoold, In al the route ne was ther yong ne oold That he ne seyde it was a noble storie, And worthy for to drawen to memorie; And namely the gentils everichon. Oure Hooste lough, and swoor, "So moot I gon, This gooth aright; unbokeled is the male, Lat se now who shal telle another tale, For trewely the game is wel bigonne.
Whoops, my bad. That's Middle English.
Old English would be like Beowulf
Hwt! w? G?r-Dena in ?e?r-dagum, ??od-cyninga, ?rym ?efr?non, h? ?? ?elingas ellen fremedon. Oft Scyld Sc?fing scea?ena ?r?atum, monegum m???um, meodosetla oft?ah, egsode eorlas. Sy??an ?rest wear? f?asceaft funden, h? ?s fr?fre ?eb?d, w?ox under wolcnum, weor?myndum ??h, o??t him ??hwylc ??ra ymbsittendra ofer hronr?de h?ran scolde, gomban gyldan. t ws gMd cyning!
Hmmmmm. Too much of a reach, I suppose. My fonts seem to have crashed. No matter. "Plain Old English" appears to be an oxymoron.
Think I'll continue eating sweet potato pie instead, in any event.
I'll save gramma for roasting, and served with frites.
Remember Rachel Corrie
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That could all be solved if you Americans learned how to spell and use language properly. Not knowing a donkey from a sphincter is unsttling enough but given that the collective 'you' can't make a distinction between your pumpkins and your female grandparents shouldbe of concern to every old american lady as Halloween approaches.
My grandma died decades ago but her death had nothing to do with being put into any pie in mistake for a gramma. ;-)
I don't seem to have appreciated the striking cultural differences

The answer, of course, all in the detail. I used 'old English' as opposed to 'Old English'.

You could try using 'plain old English' instead although to be gramamtically nearer my old English teacher's dictates, I should have inserted commas so it was 'plain, old English'.

Apparently sweet potato is low GI whereas pumpkin isn't. I like both as a vegetable.

Eeew! You will get done for murder when they catch you! How many grandmas have you already roasted? And, although I shouldn't ask, but do they taste like poultry which is what cannibals are reputed to have said?
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