Combi Boiler problem

Can anyone help me concerning a Raveheat Combi Boiler CSI 85 -
CSI 85T (less than 4 years old)?
The problem is that when the kitchen tap is turned on for hot water it
fires up but then cuts out within a short time. Try again - same
thing - I am wasting gallons of water trying to get a hot bath.
Strangely the central heating is working ok.
Do I hear call a registered Corgi mechanic? I have - 4 times in the
past year, the last time but 6 days ago - and its back to the above
problem! As I am on contract here I am stuck with same company. They
have changed parts - but obviously not the right ones! Aaaarrrggghhh.
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I too have the same trouble with a Halstead Combi 82 from Wickes. I have been told I will need a new secondary heat exchanger and a power flush, yes, expensive in fact so expensive it would almost be worth a replacement boiler. What we need to know is, is it possible to flush and replace the heat exchange ourselves?
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I had the same problem and symptoms recently. Turned out to be the diaphragm in the divert valve which I changed myself. The diaphragm cost me a fiver.
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