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Hi all,
I would like to offer my assistance to anyone who has any questions regarding using timber for:
Shingles & Shakes
Please feel free to fire away any questions you have about product choices, grades of timber, finishing and coatings or installation. If you are thinking about starting a project, I highly suggest considering Western Red Cedar for several reasons - but mainly the fact that it looks superb.
Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
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this question is for clyde who offered his advice about woods, finishes, etc. I have just finished stripping my deck of the old paint. what I have now is old treated decking wood no doubt pine not sure. anyway how will I know if an oil based solid stain will penetrate the wood? Should I sand it first? I'm at a loss here. Can you advise?
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Hi Jolynn,
This depends on your deck - if it is grooved, it will be more difficult to remove the old paint from the grooves. Smooth deck boards are in general much easier to maintain.
In any case, we would recommend using a paint and stain remover with a neutralizer such as this one:
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With regards to penetration - older wood should have more open pores, meaning it will absorb finish better. Have a look at Sansin Dec... a stain such as this one will use waterborne technology, which transports the stain deep into the wood before evaporating.
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Hope this helps! Clyde
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