how do i monitor the comcast cable signal strength coming in to my computor

Sometimes, at certain times of the day, my computer will search the web much slower than others. Do you think that my cable service signal may be responsible. I have Comcast as a provider. If the signal is the reason, how do I monitor the signal strength in my computer. My computer is a HP, 8.1 windows system. I look forward to your opinion. THNX
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I don't know of any clip-on constant monitoring device, but they of course have signal strength gauges that you can buy independently. But still, the most common test is a Speed Test (
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). I too have Comcast and I RARELY (10-minutes a day) get ANYTHING even remotely close to what I'm told I'm paying for. - This FAKE "Broadband" sucks! The only connection that I ever had that made any sense was DSL way back when...instant page loading regardless of ads and graphics and you could immediately tell when school let out and then when the workday was done. But, it was unmatched from Midnight to 5pm everyday.
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