Continuous fan running for furnace

I apologize in advance if this is posted incorrectly. I tried to find this answer on my own, to no avail.
My initial problem was that the fan never turned off on my furnace, constantly ran. I understand the advantages of this.
My Honeywell Keeprite furnace has a PCB connected to the fan portion of the furnace. When it was initially installed, the installers told me the fan would always be running, evidently it was code at the time. (Don't care if it is or isn't, that's how I remember them justifying it.)
So no dip switches or anything on the PCB that I can see, aside from delay which is a jumper, however there was a connector going to 'CONT FAN'. I pulled it, and now the fan is operating how I want it to, staying on when my thermostat is set to FAN ON, only turning on when my fan is set to AUTO and it needs to provide heat.
Should I have done this? It seems like it's operating properly, I have zero experience so I'm plugging it back in until I know for certain.
Sorry if this made anyone's eyes roll.
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Dave C
Thats way the stat has a on and auto setting. It's up to the HO as to how the fan to run. So yea, pull connecter and let it run in Auto.
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