"That's the power of Pine-Sol, Baby"

Many common disinfectants out there contain phenols-caustic, poisonous and dangerous compounds that are used to cover smells. And they're used in everything from all-purpose cleaning sprays to toilet bowl cleaners.
Phenol is toxic and sensitive people could experience serious side effects or even death. This rapidly absorbed chemical can cause toxicity throughout the entire body. Typically, death and severe toxicity result from phenol's effects on the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys.
Other symptoms of exposure include:
* Shock * Delirium * Coma * Pulmonary distress * Phenolic breath * Scanty/dark urine * Severe burns and numbness if exposed to the skin * Death
Further studies have shown that these compounds can cause:
* Damage to respiratory and circulatory systems * Cardiac damage * Major damage to the liver, kidneys and eyes after chronic exposure * Respiratory problems and pneumonia in rats, mice, and guinea pigs * Nonyl phenol ethoxylate, a common ingredient in laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners, is banned in Europe, and biodegrades slowly into even more toxic compounds
Some commonly used household products that contain phenols include:
* Household detergents o Lysol o Pine-Sol o Spic-n-Span * Acne medications * Baking Powder * Mouthwash * Sugar substitutes
Example of Pine-Sol ingredients
phenol (carbolic acid, benzenol, phenylic acid, hydoxybenzene) plywood, cleaners, paints, polyurethane, perfume, tobacco smoke, antiseptic, mouthwashRespiratory irritation, headaches, burning eyes. Vertigo, digestive difficulties, skin eruptions, nervous problems, liver & kidney damage. Sources: ATSDR, NPI
Isopropanol http://www.oehha.ca.gov/air/chronic_rels/pdf/67630.pdf
Appearance: clear. Flash Point: 12 deg C. Warning! Flammable liquid. May cause skin irritation. Hygroscopic. May cause central nervous system depression. May cause kidney damage. May form explosive peroxides. May cause reproductive effects based upon animal studies. May cause severe eye irritation and possible injury. Causes digestive and respiratory tract irritation. Target Organs: Kidneys, central nervous system. http://www.bu.edu/es/labsafety/ESMSDSs/MSIsopropylAlc.html
pine oil...
this poisoning, ingestion of pine oil, pine oil, various cleaning products, porcelain cleaners, convulsions, respiratory, difficulty breathing, eyes, ears, nose, throat, difficulty swallowing, throat burning, eye burning, gastrointestinal, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heart, blood vessels, rapid heartbeat, nervous system, unconsciousness, dizziness, seek emergency medical care, call poison control, not induce emesis, vomiting, instructed to, so by poison control, determine the following information, patient's age, weight, name of product, the ingredients, strength, time it was swallowed, amount swallowed, they, instruct, necessary to take the patient, hospital, poison control centers, telephone numbers, take the container, procedures performed, swallowed poison, placement of a tube down the nose, stomach, a nasogastric tube, an ng tube, to wash out the stomach, gastric lavage, activated charcoal administration, endoscopy, the placement of a camera down the throat, the extent of burns, esophagus, stomach, give iv fluids, admission, hospital, give an antidote, treat the symptoms, skin exposure, irrigation, washing, the skin, perhaps every few hours, several days, skin debridement, surgical removal of burned skin, admission, transfer to a hospital that specializes in burn care, toxic ingestion, exposure, recovery, prognosis depend on the extent, the exposure, time to treatment, ingestion of these products, have severe effects on many bodily systems, immediate medical treatment increases the likelihood of full recovery.
So when it comes to keeping your home clean, a good rule of thumb to remember is: If something SMELLS clean, then it is most likely toxic. Most people are fooled by the "smells clean" factor in chemical cleaners; however, the truth is that what is ACTUALLY CLEAN is ODORLESS.
shaklee.net/awest/getclean http://www.shaklee.net/awest/gc_prods1
You wouldn't let your kids play with toxic chemicals. Why then would you let the baby crawl on a floor that's been wiped with them? Toxic chemicals from cleaning products get absorbed directly into a child's bloodstream. Think before you clean
http://www.shaklee.net/awest http://mahma.riseglobalteam.com/awest
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