Spot Bot ??? Carpet Cleaner

Has anyone used this small machine called "Spot Bot"? (I think I have the
name right.)
I believe Bissell makes it. It is a small machine that sits on top of the
spot, you turn it on, and supposedly it sprays the cleaner, brushes the
spot, and then blows it dry.
Would appreciate any information you have----
Warmest Regards,
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Donna in Texas
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I have not heard of this one but I did own a spot cleaner by Bissell that did a fair job. It was fiddly to clean out after and I ended up mostly using a rag and soap for stains
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Mrs Bonk
Hi Donna,
My sister has one of these "SpotBots" and she loves it. She has an awsome house and she has her own business cleaning houses. So I think its a great little machine.
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