remove drill chuck from 10-inch Craftsman Radial Saw?

Can anyone explain how to remove a drill chuck from a 10-inch Craftsman Radial Saw (Model No. 113.29461)?
The chuck is on the opposite end of the motor shaft from the saw blade side. A picture in the owners manual makes it look like the shaft is threaded but does not indicate that for sure. And if it is threaded, I don't know if it is a left hand thread or a right hand thread.
I tried gripping the chuck with padded vise grips and turning the opposite end of the shaft in both directions. But this did not work. I also tried putting a gear puller on the check and using heat with the idea that it is a friction fit on a tapered shaft. But this did not work either.
I'm asking because I would like to improve the safety of this tool.
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