toilet bolt anchor loose, does not want re-tighten - now what?

brian unfortunatly this isn't good. you'll need to pull up the toilet. make sure you have a" can't leak wax seal" and a regular wax seal to reinstall the toilet with. you'll need to turn the shut off in the off position. flush the toilet and remove left over water in the tank to ensure as little water on the floor as possible. remove the supply line. once the toilet is up check to make sure nothing is stuck to the bottom of the toilet if so remove it and throw it away. replace the anchor bolt, place the new can't leak wax seal over the opening (between two anchor bolts)i like to put the other wax seal around the rest of the flange (opening in the floor) this helps to ensure there wont be any leaks from the base of the toilet. replace the toilet, tighted the nuts back but be sure not to over tighten because it can crack the base of the toilet. assemble the supply line with out over tighting because this too can crack. turn the water back on and check for leaks. if the supply line is leaking slightly tighten. if there is a leak on the shut off valve it's usually the packing nut located behind the handle a slight turn to the right should tighted it.  good luck i hope this has helped.
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