Finding bathroom faucets with a wide base/removing cultured marble stain

Finding bathroom faucets with a wide base/removing cultured marble stain full size image
I'm replacing old sink faucets, and they left a yellow stain on the cultured marble.
Can't seem to clean the stain, so I need to find new faucets with a base larger
than 2 1/2" diameter. Short of eyeballing pictures on line and looking up specs
for each product, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
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Is this a single post faucet? I'm not sure if I can recommend a particular faucet, besides it depends on looks perhaps more than anything else. Many of the antique-looking dark brass finish models are made with wide flanges. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find one with a 2-1/2" flange if you like that look.
But you can achieve the same effect with any faucet you like by covering the stain with a 2-1/2" faucet escutcheon (flat flange). It's an inexpensive item that most plumbing supplies carry. Home Depot has quite a selection online, as I'm sure do most other similar stores. Just be sure to pick the right size because many (if not most) escutcheons there are for shower valves (much larger than you need). You would just have to pick the faucet first before the escutcheon to make sure the color matches.
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