Why Architectural Design Drawings?

Architecture is a famous business sector nowadays. It requires
powerful and effective means to deliver decent building architectural
outputs. Architectural design drawings are widely used in Architecture
industry for various reasons. They are the first choice of any
professional that is related with Building Architecture.
Architectural design drawings are specially made for understanding
various building design specifications. They are technical drawings of
any building structure and are prepared as per International
Guidelines of Building Architecture. Architectural design drawings are
helpful to architects and builders for different purposes such as i)
to prepare building design ii) to convey design ideas and technical
concepts iii) to easily explain what you want to design.
Architectural design drawings can be defined as building drawings that
follow set of conventions, which include particular views (floor plan,
section etc.), sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales,
annotation and cross referencing. These factors are very important as
far as understanding of building design and dimension specifications
are concerned. According to these, one can easily develop building
construction strategy and can definitely get desired building
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On Oct 30, 4:52=A0am, cadserviceslondon wrote:
Really? What was it like four hundred years ago? I seem to recall a name or two...
Are you quite sure? I understand that a lot of building departments are now accepting conceptual performance art in lieu of drawings. Maybe it's different in your backwater.
Well, damn - it's capitalized so it's just _got_ to be official. Please post a link to where I can find these International Guidelines of Building Architecture.
How are items ii and iii different?
If you used Google's language tools to translate what you wrote, you should get your money back.
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Hey, guys. If you read their web site, you can get structural design work done for $2500 a MONTH. That's 160 hours for $2500. So they're paying structural engineers, what? 12 bucks an hour? These guys most really be GOOD. Sweet.
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Tim Conde
On Oct 30, 3:53=A0am, cadserviceslondon wrote:
This post reminded me to resume my architecture literature library torrent download. If it's real and virus-free, it looks like it will be a fine library.
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Señior Popcor

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