What makes Architectural Design Drawings a business resource?

In modern time there is no scope for redesign as it wastes time and
money both. So to solve out this problem architect industry introduced
2D and 3D technology to make Architectural design drawings. It allows
to make design in proper way and reducing the possibility of
redesigning. Modern software is making many things easier in
Architectural design for professional architects.
An architectural design drawing represents every details of the plan
with maximum accuracy and quality. The services that architectural
drawings include described as below:
=95 2D Drafting Architecture: It is used to refer floor plans, Wall
Sections, Elevations, Lighting, Furniture layouts, Foundation plans
and Roof Sections.
=95 3D architectural Modeling Services: It is used to generate 3D
Exterior Models, 3D Interior Models, Cross Section Models and Fixture
Assemblies. It is also used in landscaping drawings.
=95 3D Architectural Rendering: 3D Exterior Rendering Views, 3D
Interior Rendering Views, Furniture 3D Rendering and 3D Product
Rendering can be achieved by it.
=95 3D Animation and Walkthorugh: It Includes services like Exterior
Walkthrough, Interior Walkthrough, Conceptual Walkthrough and
Industrial Walkthrough.
So due to the various forms of Architectural Design Drawings, it is
used in different areas like interior and exterior planning, urban
planning, Ancient Monuments and Institutional Buildings.
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No it does not and only an inexperienced person would make such a claim as you have.
If anything, advanced technology has made it easier to make mistakes, especially by inexperienced persons that have been trained to push a few buttons on a piece of plastic.
"Design cannot be taught, it must be learned." --gs, 2010
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