Re: MI5 Persecution: Dihydrocodeine 26/11/95 (6077)


I know... I guess I'm still a sterry-eyed dreamer at heart <LOL!>

Wow, you found it...?
Even more to the point - *WOW*, you actually kind of liked it??? <LOL!>
Seriously, thanks for the kind comment :) I changed my website host last week, so I have to reload everything. I'm refining my "scribblings" pages (i.e., bad "poetry"). The music is dicey because I want to convert all the MIDI files to MP3, because all MIDI is definitely not created equal; however, the conversions never seem to occur "one-to-one" - certain tracks end up louder, otehrs end up being too quiet, and so on. I bought Cakewalk's "Music Creator" program fairly recently, but, between the annoying health nonsense, and other stuff, I haven't yet learned to use it (it *supposedly* saves pieces dierectly to MP3, without having to convert from MIDI to WAV and then to MP3).
A sound engineer I most definitely am *not*...I've always played around with composing, but the process of going from a MIDI file to an acurate MP3 has for some reason been a huge mystery beyond my ken. Programs that *say* they "record to MP3" always end up just meaning CD-copying crap- and I couldn't care less about copying CD's... so it's been a continual frustration for me to try to do what seems like it *should* be absurdly simple.
At the same time, I haven't written a lot of music - I don't use any sort of pre-created "rythms" or "riffs" or whatever; I build everything from scratch, note by note (even when I dream a piece pretty much whole, I don't have perfect pitch, so I have to figure out how to translate wha tmy brain "hears" into a score). So it's quite a process for me, esp. since I'm not a musician (I can fake a little bit on the electric piano, which can feed into my computer, but I'm not even remotely good enough to jsut "play'n'record"). I haven't written any new pieces for a couple years, to be honest.
Anyway, in addition to the music, I also of course want to get some more of my loosley-"architecture-related"-like ;) 3D graphics uploaded, also some scans of some of my photos, *AND* do some more 3D - between the aforementioned, and repeated (perennial) Windows crashes leading to data loss, and so on, I haven't done anything new in about a year. Never even finished modeling the new house here =:-p.
Thankfully, the major bit of health nonsense has *finally* been addressed, so I hopefully will have the energy to get a decent website going. THen I'll post the link to the building pics ;)
- Kris
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