Re: Again

Don wrote:

IE. The Corps of Engineers can't be sued if they screw things up.

A private company would have been deathly afraid of being sued if: 1: something went wrong and their fix didn't hold. 2: an employee was shot at or killed and they hadn't gone to superhuman efforts to prevent that. 3: they arrived a little too slow, or rushed in causing '1'. 4: they didn't employ enough minorities. They would have been frozen with fear.
In the case of the levees, we NEEDED an entity that didn't fear lawsuits and thus could throw themselves at the task and get it done.
Before launching on a tirade laced with character attacks (your specialty I know), consider this. If I accidentally screw up and break your ribs while performing the heimlich maneuver, you could sue me. So I may not try to save you if you're choking. A firefighter has no such fear, so he won't hesitate.
Get rid of the law and all government, as your response will inevitably be? I still might not attempt to save you if you're choking. Even if you can't sue me if I screw up and break your ribs, who's to say that you won't come after me and assault or murder me for it? And in this case if I don't help you, there won't be a firefighter to do it.
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