natural & healthy treatment option for ADD

For ADD-ADHD adults or children and their families, life is a constant struggle. The most common definitions of "success" in our society seem impossible to attain, whether it's a child's ability to stay seated and focused in school or an adult's ability to complete tasks accurately and within deadlines. Once you've learned the signs and symptoms of ADD, your work to find a solution is just beginning. As anyone struggling with ADD knows, Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without hyperactivity) is not a straightforward condition to be easily tested for and diagnosed by a doctor and then instantly fixed with medication or therapy. Despite this complexity, the one-size-fits-all approach currently practiced by our medical professionals pushes far too many into using powerful prescription medications (with their potentially negative side effects) and without even considering alternatives! Perhaps, in certain cases, those prescription medications are the best solution. But shouldn't they be a final choice, not a first choice! Now... you can choose to follow a different path. Educate yourself... learn about other choices and solutions that are available. Find out what drives ADD ADHD adults and children, and discover how you can naturally work with the body to counteract these effects.
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