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My name is Corey and i am 12 years old. I am verry interested in becomming an architect and i was wondering if there was a blog page or website for kid architects. My google warehouse nickname is Kid Architect.
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Hello Kid Architect,
In America the form of government we have now is called fascism. You're a smart kid so you must also learn what facism means because its important to all kids today to learn what is really happening in the former United States. "We the People" have lost our freedoms and liberties to a corrupt government and those that control who can and who can not work as an architect. I'm sure that by the age of 12 you understand lies and deception and cheating and unfair people. So here's the facts of life Kid...
The American Association of Architects (AIA) collects money from people who are allowed to work. The AIA writes the laws they use to control who can and who can not work without becoming charged with a crime. The AIA uses money they take from people allowed to work and use the money to buy government politicians who put the laws the AIA writes into the law books the courts use. This is how they control who can and who can not work. All of America has become fascism and in the State of Wisconsin where I live there are something like over 300 types of work the fascists control so they can tell people who can and who cannot work.
They lie about the reason. They claim it is to "protect" people but the truth is they want the money for themselves and they want to control who can and who can not work and if anything is ever done wrong it ALWAYS goes to court anyway. The license is a sham. The way they force people to get credentials like the license is a sham.
If you have a mom or a sister for example that uses fingernail polish you might find it interesting to know that in Wisconsin and probably where you live too it is a crime to paint somebody's fingernails or their toenails for money without being forced to first go work for another employer at low wages and many unpaid hours working on weekends and holidays so the employer -- maybe -- will tell the government its okay if you get a license to paint fingernails.
Who was ever hurt getting their toenails painted? If its so dangerous as the facist liars falsely claim how come your sister can paint her toenails without a license but if you wanted to do it and charge her five bucks you would be a criminal. Does this make sense? Of course not because we have lost our freedom and liberties to facists who pay the corrupt police who have dangerous weapons they use to force people to work for the fascists.
Facism is when the private company and the public company we used to call "government" becomes the same thing so they can control the money and control who can and who can not work. Our former U.S. Constituion and our former law says this is not the way it is supposed to be but the facists and the police took the Constitution and the law away from the people. So...
If you want to work in America as an architect the fascists in the government and the AIA force the workers to work for an employer at low wages and many unpaid hours of work for many years. They call this an "internship" but the Constitution calls it involuntary servitude and forcing somebody to work for another employer is supposed to be against the law.
At least that's what the former U.S. Constitution said. They still teach that in school? I doubt it. If the schools don't tell the truth the schools are corrupt and the teachers are liars.
What may confuse you is the fact that we usually work for somebody to get experience right? Well, what happens when you already did that and already have experience? I'll tell you what happens...
That doesn't count anymore. They force you to do what they want or will make you a criminal for working. I don't mean to insult your faimly or be unfair but the truth is they do this because your mom and dad were and probably are cowards and foolishly keep supporting evil people called Democrats and Republicans which are nothing more than evil government politicians. You have to make a decision if you want to do that too or if you are going to grow up to become a man that will not support tyranny and evil. I hope your family isn't like this but so many are this why we have lost or freedoms and our liberties.
Do you think having a job is worth being an evil person? How come other people who are not evil work at other types of work that are not fascists? Do you want to be forced to work for licensed fascist architects as I am explaining the way it really is? How do you feel when you know you're telling the truth and you are lied to and cheated anyway?
Answering these types of questions are going to be more important than deciding what type of work you want to do Kid because working in the real worl as an employee for fascists is exactly like this...
If an employee gets lucky and gets work with an architectural firm and the employee stays quiet about being paid less than other people and will work without pay on the weekends the employee might -- maybe -- get job assignments the law requires if the employee wants to be an architect. If the employee is a good looking woman and not fat she can give sex to get job assignments the law requires. If the employee is the son or the daughter of the licensed architect owner of the architectural firm the employee will get assigned work the law requires to get the architectural license. Everybody else will usually get no assignments to get credit the law requires to become an architect. The "other" employees will use CAD to draw the toilet partitions and other grunt work and will never be allowed to work as the architect.
If a person tries to work as an architect without the license the fascists call the police who use their guns or the police will electrocute a person to hurt them and force them to be taken to jail and then to the courts to make the person trying to work pay a lot of money to stay out of prison.
Is this the country you've been told about in school? This is the way it really is -- now -- in the former United States of America. When you get older and ready to go to college there's also a lot more to know about.
Architectural schools have become two types; one type of school is design and theory that educates the student to "talk" about architecture and the other type of school educates the student in design -- and -- technical skills so the student actually knows how to "do" architecture.
I repeat, unless you are a woman who will give sex or the son or daughter of the licensed fascist you will be like everybody else and will have to work for less money and on weekends without pay if you want to try to become an architect. The employer does not care what school you went to. All you need to do is prove to the employer you can use CAD to draw toilet partitions that makes money for the employer.
You will not be allowed to own and control your own work unless you own your own business working as an architect but you can not become an architect unless you become a fascist. God Bless America isn't this good news? Its not all a lost cause yet so don't despair but it is really really rotten and corrupt and our government is evil and we do have a facist form of government that have become evil tyrrants.
The Dean at my school stole my drawings (and those of other students) and used my drawings to get built and get more money from the politicians.
This is very common so you also have to learn how to protect your ideas and anything you draw because the architectural schools are corrupt. Learn about copyright. It is very tricky and outrageoulsy expensive to defend your copyright but I tell you Kid, if you ever come up with a great design idea the facist architects will steal it, take the credit and make lots of money and you will be left holding your pee-pee in your hand. This is the real world Kid so learn about it now.
Yes, this is what it is like in America. I swear this is true no matter what anybody else may try to lie. This is the way it REALLY is Kid and its not just for people who want to work as an architect so please, don't let the truth change your mind about what you really love doing because doing what you really love to do freely without tyrrany and evil is the whole point I am talking about.
Its good to see a young person coming online. Keep yourself safe and away from sex predators and be prepared... to be a free man you have to learn to think for yourself, you have to learn what is truth and what is lies, and then you have to decide what side you are on. It takes real courage not the phoney make believe version the phoney police do on TV.
In fact, you have to be careful about people like me too. Ideas are dangerous and telling the truth can be dangerous. People will tell you that people like me are (___________) they will fill in the blanks. But I am telling you the truth and the way it really is. You and only you are the person who will have to decide what kind of man you are.
Drawing pictures of buildings and actually being involved with construction of buildings is the easy part and way cool. The other stuff I mentioned is going to be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life when most of the police, the soldiers, your parents, your teachers and practically all adults are all cowardly liars and have chosen to live as slaves afraid to be free and at liberty to persue happiness at work and at play without being told what to believe and told what to do or what not to do at gun point corrupt and evil police who do the dirty work for the facists.
Maybe you don't have a family like this. I certainly hope not. This is the way it really is though and now that you have shown you are ready to engage with others in the real world you must be prepared to struggle with the conflict and the fact that our former United States has become a corrupt cesspool of facist tyrrany.
Now to actually answer your question :-)
I don't know of any blog or website for young people who want to work as architects. If your work is already in the 3D Warehouse you have SketchUp Pro right? You already have computing skills right?
So why don't you be the first Kid to blog about it? According to the rules of life -- some of which are actually the right thing to do -- you should be asking your mom or dad or another trusted adult for support.
Unless you ask for more discussion about the fascists I won't bring it up anymore as I said most of what needs to be said already and you won't be allowed to work as an architect anyway so no big deal for many years from now.
If you want guidance to help learn about how to set up a blog for architecture I'll take my time to point you in the right direction and give you reliable advice but its a good idea if one of your parents says its okay for me to do so. It really can be a sick and evil world and I don't want the corrupt police coming around to accuse me of things I did not do because of the truth and the facts of life I am helping you learn. Almost every one of them hates the truth, they hate freedom, they hate liberty, and they hate me.
But I'd like to help somebody try to live the dream that was stolen from me... are you ready yo make it happen?
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