FA: HUGE LOT Architectural & Interior Design Drafting Tools

HUGE LOT of Architectural & Interior Design Drafting Tools - Lead Templates Rulers and MORE!! (No Reserve!)
Rulers and compasses and protractors
Dietzgen Multiphase Style-M Cat. No. 1738 Copyright 1954 (With Case!)
(2) Dietzgen Alumilite Scale No. 4634-12A
Paragon 1451PR Ruler (chip at end)
Paragon 1442P Ruler (With case)
Westcott 12" Ruler R405-12"
protractor (old and no marking)
This lot includes 1 each of the following 18 templates:
Charv02 T-610 Triangle (Still in Plastic)
MARS 964 18-60 Triangle
Plasticoid Triangle
14" Adcom 30/60 Triangle
Helix Triangle
Small Triangle
Pickett Giant Circles 1201
Combo Circle Master TD 1204
Pickett General Purpose Inking Template 10331
Chartpak/Pickett Custom Templates P204
Pickett Electronic Design Template 16221
Pickett Structural Steel Shapes 1161
RapiDesign Electrical and Electronic Symbols 315
Pickett Ink Riser 1095
Dietzgen French Curve 12154-27
Lutz 6360 Round Template
Three Professional French Curves
Berol RapiDesign R-960 Vertical Lettering Guide
Pickett 46V Lettering Guide Modern Bold (Vertical)
Eraser Products
BRUNING Eclectic Eraser (Well used, but works!)
(5) Stadler Mars Plastic 1/4" x 7"/18cm White Vinyl Erasers 527 05
(10) FaberCastell 7" Red Erasers 78
(9) FaberCastell 7" Mixed lot of Erasers
(2) erasing shields (1 new)
Mechanical Pencils
Rotring 600/0.5mm (Very good condition!) ****
Teledyne Post 38 MG-010
D.J. Fugle Leadlok
Assorted Leads (some tubes have all the lead and some tubes might be missing some, I did not want to count each one)
(6 Tubes) Pentel 0.5mm 4H - 12 leads per tube.
(4 Tubes) Pentel 0.5mm 3H - 12 leads per tube.
(2 Tubes) Pentel 0.5mm 2H - 12 leads per tube.
(1 Tube) Pentel 0.9mm 2H - 15 leads per tube.
(1 Tube) Pentel 0.9mm 1P - 12 leads per tube.
(1 Tube) Pentel 0.9mm HB - 15 leads per tube.
(1 Tube) Pentel 0.5mm 3H - 12 leads per tube.
(2 Tubes) Pentel 0.9mm BLUE - 12 leads per tube.
( Tube) AUTOPOINT .9mm Soft B BLUE - 12 leads per tube.
(1) Faber Castell 0.2mm 9030-2H
(2) Faber Castell 9030-6H
(18) Turquoise Eagle Drawing Leads 2375 - 4H
(2) Staedler/Mars non-photo BLUE 208 30
Berol Turquoise 17 lead sharpner
Alvin Draftsman's Duster #2343
Staedtler Tungsten Cartridge for use on drafting film (757 PL4 C3 Plot)
(2) Yellow pencils
(3) Mongol light blue pencils 845
Wood shaft with pointer
Staedtler 913 23 sand paper sharpener
vemco tool
All of these were bought at an estate sale and I know very little about them. They are all used and sold "as is" unless noted, bid accordingly.
Good luck!
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