Oven door stuck on one side

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I have a Delonghi DTC 90 DF oven, I removed the door so I could replace the heating element. Now that I have done that, I've gone to put the door back on and the hinge on the left hand side has gone in, but the right hand side hasn't. And now I'm stuck with the left hinge (not being able to remove it) and the right hinge not going in
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It's just an alignment or clasp problem. See page 27 of the User Manual:
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Either the Hinge Assembly dislodged on the right side or the Retaining Ring got deformed (very common). Getting everything back to normal may take a few tries, but you won't have to purchase anything. - Start with the Retaining Ring. Does it line-up just like the left side or is it bent slightly inward or outward? Use pliers or a hammer to gently re-align it. If the Hinge Assembly is dislodged, then you'll need to engage both Retaining Rings to remove the door and play with removing and reinstalling the right side's hinge assembly until it installs properly (notice the Hinge Leg bottom notch).
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