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I am trying to install 2 three bulb 2x4 lights in my shop I am not sure of the wiring the lighs have 4 wires 1 longer white 1 short white 1 black and a longet black one with a white stripe how do I tie dthis to a 14-2 wire
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You should have or at least get the manufacturer's instructions to be sure of what to do. Search online or call for them to be sent. Of course, you have the option of taking the lights back and getting fixtures with instructions included. - However, typically you'd connect (wire-nut) just the Short Black to the Supply Black and Short White to the Supply White with the Supply Ground screwing into the fixture's housing, usually a green screw. Any long wires, regardless of color should come already wired to the fixture directly from the ballast. - You, would be connecting your supply to just one side of the ballast and the wires coming out of the other side of the ballast would be the only ones already wired to the sockets. If all of the wires are free, then return the fixtures as something's not right and they may have been tampered with and just stuck back on the store shelf with no inspection.
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