How to fix aq counter top glass range (Kenmore)

 We've had a somewhat similar issue reported here
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and the troubleshooting would have to follow the same lines: you need to first make sure there is power at the connecting terminals of the range on the back. If it gets power from the panel, then you'll have to check if there's any part of it that's still working or whether the entire appliance is dead. It's hard to be more specific without knowing the model number, but if the range has a control board, it may be a strong suspect if there's power to the unit bit nothing works.
Pretty much all steps of a troubleshooting like this except for initial check for any lights that turn on/off on the range or the oven, require working with <strong>dangerously high voltages</strong>. Only attempt if you are qualified to work with electricity. Otherwise call a repair technician. 
In any event, if you can post the actual model here, I'll see if I have any service related info on it. 
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