How do I determine the age and cubic feet of my Kenmore refrigerator model #363.48042892

The easy way is too look at the label, usually in the freezer. It will give model # (which are usualy a group of letters) and serial # (a group of numbers, which your posted # most likely is). It also usually (but not always) included cubic space of the freezer and refrigerator sections.
Or you can measure the exterior. Most of your older full sized refrigerators are going to be 36" wide by 70" tall and 32" deep and are around 25 cubic feet. Counter depth will have the box be only 24" and the cubic space is smaller, usually around 21 cubic fet. Newer insulation technology, and deeper front to back depths give "full sized" fridges 27 to 29 cubic feet. A 33" wide fridge will be approximately 19-22 cubic feet depending on height and depth. A 30" wide fridge will be between 15 and 19 cubic feet, again depending on height and depth.
A more usefull overall measurement is actually shelf space. But it's not one that most manufacturers will list. Also, how a fridge is laid out will also have more impact on actual usability than gross cubic feet will. A french door fridge with 21 cubic feet capacity may have more usable shelf space than a 27 cubic foot side by side simply because it's organized better and with more continuous shelf space.
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