why does my drain pump on a Mastercool evaporative cooler run so often

why does my drain pump on a Mastercool evaporative cooler run so often?
Since the system has been up and running for this summer; the drain pump is draining the reservoir several times a day. I serviced the Master cool swamp cooler; changed the pads, cleaned the reservoir, cleaned the supply and drain pumps, oiled the bearings, tightened the belt, etc..
I was thinking it may have something to do with the older pads. New pads and clean water don’t seem to have any effect on the drain pump cycling too often. It did help with the quality of cool air though.
The power to the drain pump is unplugged. Hoping to keep track of the running hours and drain it manually until I find what is causing the short cycles.
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Matt P.
The unit is doing what it is designed to do, Removing moisture. The pump is doing it's job by getting rid of the moisture. Rather than finding fault with the pump system, look at the humidity level in the location. the higher the humidity the more water that will have to be removed.
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Well shouldnt opening/closing more whatever window you have exhausting fix that problem?
I thought my evap cooler drained when the water was getting too dirty!
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