Does anyone have a picture of where you wire in a Trane sump heater?

My heat pump outdoor unit starting blowing a breaker and the tech who came out said the compressor was shot because the sump pump heater had shorted out and since it was all one unit he couldn't replace the heater but he bypassed it to get it to work in the short term. Then of course gave me a quote to replace the entire unit for 6k since his hot wire may not last. After a little research the non replaceable part costs about $50 but he disconnected it from the main unit so it wouldn't short out and I can't tell where to reconnect it when I get the new one. Two black wires come off the old one. One was capped off and probably connected to another capped off wire but the other had a connector on it with probably 6 other places it could be connected to on several different modules. Anyone have an idea on where it might go or a picture other than a wiring diagram that might help?
There is a cylinder with several connectors open, says for starting motors on it maybe a starter relay? Another multi connector with a red coil on it and one connector open, a black rectangular connector with a few slots open way T
too many options.
I may call the service guy back to see if he'd tell me but thought I'd try here first.
Trane xe1200 outdoor unit heat pump
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Look at the two line hot wires that feed power to he unit from the external fuse or breaker box, 230 volts. They will go to the contactor. The sump heater is wire to these two wires so it is hot all the time. There may be a TDL (discharge Line Thermostat) on the unit. If so one of the sump heater wires will hook to it. I don't know the model number or serial number of the unit you have, but that dosen't really matter. All sump heaters are powered any time there is power applied to the unit. I am attaching a diagram for a Trane model TWR036 and have noted on it where the sump heater hooks. You should be able to go by this and locate to connection points on the wiring diagram on your unit. If you need more info. Let me know. You do not need a new unit if it is working ok without the heater and yes those heaters can be replaced. Be careful of who works on your unit. When one says major repair get a second and possibaly a third opinion.
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