comfortmaker model# GUI075A012AIN

comfortmaker model# GUI075A012AIN is not pushing air out of the vents even though the fan seems to be coming on, we already changed the inducer blower but it did nothing for us.
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 Well, the draft inducer blower (the small 80W motor that discharges into the flue) is there to facilitate combustion in the furnace, not to move the air through the house. The main blower motor , the large 1/2 or 1HP motor on the bottom of the cabinet, right under the furnace, is what moves the air. When its comes on, it's really hard to miss with its powerful hum and vibration.  There may be various reasons why it does not come on ranging from a bad capacitor to a bad control circuit, thermostat and everything in between, including the motor itself. Sometimes just turning the power off to the unit restarts the control board and the main blower starts working but I am assuming you've already done that while changing the draft inducer blower and it didn't work.
Is there <strong>any</strong> air coming out from the vents, just not as strong as needed or is there absolutely nothing?
There should be a small window on the front panel through which you should see the control board - are there any blinking lights on it? Any lights (LEDs)?
It is best to call a professional HVAC services company in the area and have them look at it - the main blower is a high voltage, high power device that requires a certain level of experience and skill as well as proper tools to deal with. 
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