wood dust, MDF, silica, sinuses and ill health among woodworkers

Having read the many posts on here from woodworkers, albeit recreational ones, regarding the ill health effects they suffer from using MDF, wood composite boards (WBCís) and wood dust itís toxins and carcinogens (natural or man made and added), I canít believe that there are still doubters amongst you. Wood dust per se was classified in 1995 as a human carcinogen based on British studies of woodworkers. Many such studies have followed since then.
There are many good peer reviewed publications about the ill health effects of wood dust, wood composite boards and such added substances as formaldehyde, silica, etc added to the resins and glues, fillers, binders, etc.
From reading the postings one thing shouts out more than most besides the word Cancer of course and thatís SINUS and SINUSES. You all seem to complain about much the same issues, the damage and affects the wood dust has on your sinuses and lungs whatever wood or WCBís youíre using.
The ill health effects arenít limited to several types of cancers they can also cause other respiratory and skin diseases, and maybe also autoimmune diseases and kidney disease too. Many autoimmune diseases start with what appear to be sinusitis, nose bleeds, colds and coughs that wonít go away, joint pains, night sweats or coughing up blood to name just a few symptoms. Certain autoimmune diseases and cancers, which are largely either under diagnosed or mis-diagnosed, have been found to be caused by silica, which is a carcinogen. Silica is not only found naturally in wood but can also possibly have been added to wood composite boards in sufficient quantities to blunt industrial strength saw blades. Research has been done on this. If there is enough to blunt industrial strength carbide and diamond tipped blades then there must surely be enough emitted in dust to cause ill health problems in wood workers when it is emitted in the dust to be breathed in by the unsuspecting woodworker or wood machinist, joiner, carpenter. Long latency periods add to the confusion and often the link isnít made until itís too late. Also, genetics plays a big part, and often although you may get lots of people exposed to the same toxin they wonít all suffer from the same illness as a consequence of that same exposure. So again the link may never be made.
Have any of you been affected by breathing in wood dust and/or maybe have wives or family that you think might have been affected by the wood dust you took home on your clothes for your wife to wash. You have been taking a carcinogenic substance home and your wife has to breathe it in too.
Were any of you aware that these WCB production plants are causing very similar ill health problems to residents living nearby? Again SINUS problems are mentioned besides cancers and respiratory and skin diseases. Sonae, the largest of all the WCB manufacturers in the world, are reported to be causing ill health problems for residents at their Kirkby, UK plan and also at one in South Africa too, maybe other all over the world due to the emissions of wood dust and fumes from their other plants spread all over the world. Largely these are situated in the poorest areas of the world, some would say intentionally, so that they meet little resistance to their insidious practices. Another reported to be causing health problems due to emissions is the Kronospan plant in Chirk, UK. More details about the Sonae WCB production plants can be found at www.liverpooltimes.net
Iím asking purely for personal reasons. Please, it would be really helpful to know or if you have any advice to give Iíd be grateful.
I think itís too much of a coincidence that woodworkers (recreational and professional)/wood machinists/carpenters and their wives/families and also residents both young and old alike living nearby WCB plants in the UK and South Africa are all experiencing the same types of ill health after breathing in wood dust emissions. Something has to be causing this!
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