Want the raw material (hard maple) to build your own bench?

Once upon a time several wooddorkers met at a bowling alley.
I'd heard they were disposing of the wood from the lanes, and posted that fact here in the Wreck.
Paully Rad, David P. (the OTHER Jewish carpenter) and another fellow (I think) and I all went down to get some.
We loaded 6-8 pinsets (the last section of the alley, where the pins set) of hard maple and the plastic markers in the usual triangular form. Anyhow... we paid twenty bucks apiece for them, and away we went.
Pauly actually made his work bench from them, (I'm not sure if David finally did or not (there's something about memory and advancing age...).
Paul's story was a classic, but believed to be lost when so much of the old Wreck threads seemed to just disappear.
The bottom line is: They'd be a bear to dismantle, what with many hardened ring shank nails, but it is hard maple. They don't HAVE to be dismantled... I've seen tables made from them as they are, but "cleaned up a bit".
I have 4 of them still And they are FREE. If you'd like to visit Englewood, Fl. I'll even help you load them (you'll need it!). I'm happy to give them away in Paul's memory.
First come first serve
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