Trolling for timbo?

What should we call it? I'm a little disappointed that he took 1:25 to take my bait, but it is satisfying to know he's utterly unable to resist.
I wonder what pithy comment he had for Upscale and me. I'll never know. Oh, actually, I do know. First of all, it's not about woodworking. Here's his list of ww related posts:
It's mostly going to be how he's right, everyone else is wrong, he wants everyone to stay out of his pocket, charity begins at every home but his, they're all out to get him, and so on.
But mainly, he just couldn't keep from hitting the reply key. I predict another one, very soon. And guess what? No woodworking content.
And, for the record, I've been unloading stuff we pulled out of our last trailer load from our storage unit in NC (which we no longer inhabit) and have been going through stuff from my brother's estate from 1995. I found a Stanley bevel gauge (the kind with the screw-eye like clamp in the end of the handle), a couple of Stanley butt gauges, an X-Acto large handle knife of the old school (seen the modern ones? they're crap), and a nifty, small 45 degree miter square--maybe not Starrett, but it's kind of neat.
It's broken my heart to see all the computer stuff (his as well as mine) that I've had to toss. 386SX mother board--never used, zillions of 5 1/4" floppies, zillions of 3" floppies, unopened software, reference books. Since all of it (much of mine included) date from

few years ago.
Clock is running for the troll--tick, tick, tick...

Master Woodbutcher and seasoned termite
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