Too much gum turpentine to dry?

Hi; I am a novice at this, and took my mother's suggestion to stretch the special walnut stain, by using 1 part stain to 2 parts gum turpentine (on plywood). I did that on the weekend. I made one wood box on saturday, and that was at least 2 to 1, and did another wood box on sunday, a little more like 3 parts turp to 2 parts stain. The second wood box is pretty dry now (today is thursday), but in places on the first one, if you stick your finger in, it sticks. I want to be able to add coats of urethane to it now, so it doesn't give splinters. It's old plywood that I wanted to put to something useful.
Does this drying time seems a bit long, and how dry should it be before I clear-coat these boxes? I have given them 48 hours by the wood stove, too, and the baking seems to have helped. It just does seem like quite a long time! Any suggestions as to how to proceed? I thought maybe adding more stain might thin the turpentine, perhaps.
- Mark
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