Teaching ww to a kid with epilepsy (repost)

[I decided to repost this quickly with "kid" rather than "teen" in subject line in case "teen" is a bad word in people's kill filters.]
A teenaged son (13) of a good friend wants to become a carpenter when he grows up. His epilepsy is not severe, it is under some control with meds, but he does still have seizures every once in a while. For example, he is on the school football team. He hasn't actually done any woodworking so far beyond hammering some boards together, so I am interested in teaching him a few things -- if it can be done safely. Any skills I have are with power tools. I have some questions.
First, so any replies do not have to carry disclaimers, I am assuming that any advice provided here is not from a lawyer, doctor, Indian Chief, risk assessment expert, etc. I assume all risk knowing that some advice provided here may not be good and could even be bad.
Anyone have any experience working with an epileptic kid to teach him ww? Even if you have not worked with an epileptic, if you have experience working with any kids/teens w/ motor skill problems, that could be helpful.
Of course most power tools are inherently dangerous. Anyone familiar with reasonable ways to make any of the more common power tools "safer" for this kid?
It seems that this situation calls out for schooling in the dark arts -- Neander skills. I am not sure that this will interest him, though it might. If so, any tips from the Neanders? (I'd either have to learn these skills myself first - another good excuse to learn some - or direct the kid to a local group.)
Does anyone know if someone with epilepsy can become a working carpenter? Are there any union rules? Any Work Comp rules? Can one be a working skilled carpenter w/o using power tools? And, w/o having to climb a ladder?
Comments and suggestions? TIA. -- Igor
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