Spot Stain Problem

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Hello Fellow Woodworkers, My five year old, white oak coffee table has a spot stain and I havn't a clue what might have caused it. The stains are not from a least they are not in the shape of a ring, nor does it look like anything "pooled up" there....they look more like smears and THEY ARE RED. Collectively, they are the size of a silver dollar...the OLD ones...not the new quarter clones you sometimes see today. The table is finished with countless (15+) coats of Minwax water base Poly. Could this be a wine stain? Believe me, if it is, it would NOT be the first time the table has had alcahol spilled on it...but it IS the only stain. If it's NOT a wine stain then what might it be? and of course, what should I do? short of refinishing the entire table... in which case it will become "patina". Hope to hear from some of you and TIA. Robert
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