Spontaneous Combustion in my Sander.

I have had alot of experiance with conmustion in my stain rags and have heard of grounding sparks starting dust fires. If I had given it any thought I would have not let this happen, but that is the reason I am posting now. To help someone else avoid the tragedy that I only avoided by luck (or Divine guidance?)
I have been trying to fix a bad flooring finish job for a freind/employer. Instead of renting a floor sander to take out all the sawdust, hair, and bubles, I just decided to use my random orbit sander to take out the imperfections of the oil modified poly finish. It worked great slick as a baby's butt. Then I coated my first coat and I had some shedding of the wool that I had not known to expect and I needed to sand before my next coat anyway. The directions on the can said to use a 120 or equivilent sanding screen so I did. Random orbit is a little more aggresive so if you ever do it with an RO I would use a finer grit.
The older finish had sanded normally enough but didn't produce much dust in the bag, so I didn't even look at it when I was done sanding MY first coat. I just threw it in the truck. I later decided to take a late lunch that I almost decided to skip because the time of day. When I got out to the truck it was filled with a foul smoke and my seatcover was smoldering. I pulled the sander out and removed the dust bag and it burst into flames at that second. Be careful to empty the bag after using this product. I wouldn't even use a collection bag again and maybe not even a small sander like mine where the dust can get in by the motor.
Be careful!
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