Some feedback, if anyone is interested...

I posted several questions recently, and I though you might enjoy knowing how it worked out
I said my biscuit cutter was not cutting well, and asked if it needed a new cutter. As suggested, I cleaned and lubed the slides. Works like new.
I asked about using pocket screws and biscuits together. Several people said it was a good combination. The biscuits worked really well to ensure the joint was positioned properly.
I made a table top with a 25 degree angle, and wondered if it was okay to edge joint it. I did it as suggested and it worked just fine.
I needed two shelves identical to the table top, but didn't trust my tools to get it right. It was suggested that I cut them slightly oversized and use a pattern bit to get them identical. Worked perfectly.
I needed to fill in a defect on the cherry table top and need a filler that would match; dust and glue was way too dark. Someone suggested dust and shellac. Perfect now; a sample I put outside seemed to dark like the wood.
So, overall I am thrilled with rec.woodworking. Sure, there some noise mixed in, but I probably send some noise out also.
To show my appreciation, I will share one thing I haven't seen anywhere. The Hoover GUV vacuum. I bought it 6 months ago for $125 at Amazon and love it. It is powerful, quiet, easy to empty, and has a nice long hose; better in everyway than the shopvac it replaced. The only problem is that the filter is messy to clean, but it never really clogs up so badly that it "has" to be cleaned; it just works a bit better for a short while if you do. Maybe its not a Fein, but it is less than half the price.
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