Sketchup Tool Bar Restore

As many of you Sketchup users are aware the tool bars do not lock in place. If you resize the screen the tool bars move around and relocate and once you restore the window back to full screen size the tool bars remain in their misplaced positions. Then you have to reposition to where you like them.
Why shrink your screen? #1 reason for me is so that I can print 1 to 1 ratio on a single page and not over several pages providing the actual size drawing will fit on a sheet of paper.
If you have made your Sketchup window smaller and the tool bars relocate they can be easily restored by
1. Leave the window with the misplaced tool bars open. 2. Open Sketchup again, you will have 2 Sketchup programs running. The second one will have your correct tool bar settings locations. 3. Close the Sketchup window that has the misplaced tool bars. You may save the drawing or not, it does not matter. 4. Close the remaining Sketchup window, the one with the correct tool bar locations, last.
Basically Sketchup saves the tool bar location that is indicated on the last Sketchup window that is open when it is closed.
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