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I've got a couple of questions. To answer them you will need to view the pictures on this page:
1. Does anyone know where I can get the something along the lines of the brass eye & ring shown in the first picture? It looks like the eye was made from a flat piece of brass bent to shape and somehow attached to the wood (maybe by bending over the ends on the other side) so one option would be to just find a brass ring and then make the eye. The other option would be to get a complete unit that is a combined screw eye and ring. So, does anyone know of a good source for the latter especially, but also for simple brass rings (3/4" diameter)?
2. I'm thinking that the best way to match the finish shown in these pictures is with shellac. I've been looking at the shellacs available from Homestead Finishing and debating between "dewaxed orange shellac (light crop)," "dewaxed dark shellac," and "dewaxed dark garnet shellac" or some combination thereof. Does anyone with more experience with shellac have any ideas about which of these (or what layering of a combination of them) is likely to be right?
Note: For the record, the frame in this picture, which I am trying to copy, is probably about 200 years old.
Thanks! Bruce Hooke
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