Save on Your Energy Bill. Start Today!

Prices for oil and gas continue to increase constantly. Prices are unlikely to stabilise, which leads to a quickly growing inflation. We cannot prevent this inflation from taking place, but with changing some things at home we can lessen the impact it has on our lives.
The energy market easing in the long run seems unexpectable; fossil raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. Harvesting these materials is becoming more and more difficult and only possible for companies with high market shares. This in turn affects energy prices:
Many home owners understand this scenario and have switched to wood heating. Modern technology and the use of regenerating energy enable us to mostly do without heating oil or natural gas. This has positive effects on our environment as well as on our pockets. Public statistics prove that switching from fossil fuels to alternative and renewable materials is indispensable in the long run.
Investing in alternative heating technology means saving money!
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce one alternative technology to you. It helps cutting down your energy bill and can easily be connected on your warm water and heating system.
Compared to other alternative heating systems like the pellet system or the woodchip system our water-bearing chimney can be directly build in the living area without the need of any further changes in the building or building structure. The chimney is easy to use just like any other chimney or fireplace as known from many Irish homes.
Cut your cost up to 60 to 80% with our water-bearing boiler compared to oil or gas burners!
Normatherm® system technology features: - Central heating and fireplace at the same time - Perfect heating system: from 15 - 45 kW - Hot water and heat supply by latest storage and heat distribution systems - Also as extension of solar heating or heat pumps - No heat accumulation due to efficient usage of energy - Design, cosiness and economy in harmony - C02 neutral
Study the information material and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question relating to installation, prices or else. Of course I am happy to arrange an appointment to discuss installation possibilities in your home. More good information
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