Sargent VBM 414: Did I get taken?

Hi, folks. A question for any Sargent experts out there.
I bought a plane off the 'bay advertised as a Sargent VBM 414C (roughly equivalent to a Stanley Bedrock 605C). I got it for a good price, but not cheap. It was shipped quickly, and cleaned up nicely.
When I took it apart, I found "409" stamped on the bottom of the frog and the back of the lever cap. Both parts match those from a Sargent 409 in size and shape. The cutter has "Sargent VBM No. 414" on it, and the sole has "414" in raised characters.
Did I get a patchwork job, put together from pieces of a couple planes? Or are the frog and lever cap on a jack plane usually the same size as on a smoother? I've looked at pictures of a Stanley 605, and the lever cap looks a bit larger, but that doesn't prove anything.
Anybody have a Sargent 414 they could check out and let me know?
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