Reinventing the wheel?

As a novice with a limited tool complement (no TS, for one thing), I am constantly in "puzzle" mode. "How can I ...?" I occasionally have a flash of inspiration, after which I usually find that everyone else has known about my "invention" for years. Or worse, that no one OUGHT to do it that way.
Today's "discovery":
I had a bunch of "squares" out, trying to line up my miter saw for a little better accuracy. Among those was an old plastic drafting square (45-45-90). It gave me an idea.
After having lined up the saw as square as I could vertically and horizontally, it occurred to me that I'd probably throw all that off if I swung the blade to make a 45 degree mitered corner. One of the projects I have planned will need multiple identical pieces with square ends, plus some miters.
Here's what I did as an experiment:
I used the drafting square to line up a home-made clamping square at a 45 degree angle to the blade. I held it with some spring clamps. I put a piece of 1x2 scrap against the left-hand edge of the "jig" and made a cut. I did the same with another scrap, but against the right-hand side.
I put the two pieces together and despite the quick and dirty setup, they fit together well. I think this has possibilities. I can already think of ways to make a more permanent and repeatable jig.
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