*** Rec.Woodworking Mini-FAQ *** 140, Certified BSC Free!

Dear New User,
** Welcome to rec.woodworking, known locally as the wreck **
This is an informal group with users of all levels of knowledge, from those who have yet to pick up a tool, professional woodworkers, authors of books on woodworking, woodworking magazine editors, principals of tool companies, and every level in between.
One of the traditions of Usenet Newsgroups (NG) that is encouraged, is the tradition of "lurking", or hanging around for a while, taking in the local culture before posting to the NG. While not mandatory, it is asked that you just sit back and read the NG for a short time before your first posting. This will allow you to become familiar with how things are done in this neck of the woods, become familiar with the locals, etc.
This group is a collection of people with a common interest in woodworking (ww'ing), and as such the topics discussed sometimes wander away from strictly ww'ing. Think of this NG as if you were having a number of friends over to your shop to discuss ww'ing, 90% of the discussion will revolve around ww'ing, but you will also discuss other things going on in your life, like your shop dog dying, gloating about the vintage minty fresh Unisaur you just got for $100, just got a new job, etc. That is what we do in this NG.
Please DO NOT post off topic. If you *MUST* make an off topic post, please preface the subject with "[OT]", so those who are not interested in OT posts can skip them..
NOTE: I have recently been receiving a lot of flack from the cabal regarding the preceding paragraph. Apparently, a few of them think I am encouraging OT posts, I am not, I am simply providing a way of distinguishing them so those who want to skip them can, or even put OT in their kill file if they wish.
If you find yourself being referred to as a "newbie", don't take offence; it is not a derogatory term, but a statement of fact.
Sometimes some members of this NG can be a little harsh, take it in stride, put on your Nomex underwear and fire back. The timid don't survive NG's for very long. But be polite, this is one of the few NG's left on Usenet where decorum is still the common practice rather than the exception.
One resource that is even greater than this NG is this NG's archives. Every message posted here is stored on Deja.com (now http://groups.google.com /). Many knowledgeable wreckers no longer post on topics asked every other day, because of the repetitive nature. If you want the most in depth answer to your question, check Deja, if you do not get all the information you require, then post your question to the NG.
Another useful Search Engine is Usenet Replayer, http://usenet-replayer.com .
** A note on Trolls **
People, when will you learn, *PLEASE* do not reply to the trolls, leave them under their pitiful bridge to starve. And they will starve, and go away if you stop feeding them with your replies.
** How to use Nfilter(AKA NewsProxy) to filter out Trolls and other useless crap **
Nfilter is used successfully by wreck members using the following O.S.'s - Win98se, XP Home, XP Pro, Win2K, and Win2K Advanced Server.
1. Download & install NewsProxy from http://www.nfilter.org / Basic instructions are at http://www.nfilter.org/faq.html#2.2
*** The Nfilter web site is gone! ***
Robert Bonomi has been kind enough to host the program for us wreckers, click the link to get a copy of Nfilter and some other useful info,
Thank you Robert.
*** ***
2. Copy the "NewsProxy" shortcut from - C:\Program Files\NewsProxy\ To - C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp\ [this is for Win98se, modify this to suit your OS.]
3. If you are using Outlook Express. Start OE. Right click on your news folder (not rec.ww - you want the main news folder) and select Properties. Select the Server tab. Copy the information from the Server Name box. Enter "localhost" (without the quote marks) in the Server Name box. Some O.S.'s may require you use in the Server Name box.
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